Friday, February 26, 2010

The Society of the Spectacle

22. The fact that the practical power of modern society has detached itself from itself and established itself in the spectacle as an independent realm can only be explained by the self-cleavage and self-contradictoriness already present in that powerful practice.

26. The triumph of an economic system founded on separation leads to the proletarianization of the world.


Ed Howard said...

Amazing how relevant this book remains, no? DeBord's ideas describe our world better and better with each passing day.

Richard Pinnell said...

I have been reading a now well worn copy on and off for over a year now and it becomes more resonant with every read.

Incidentally, the book, along with most of DeBord's other work is available for free here:

jesse said...

Not sure if it's clear from my first Society post, Richard, but clicking on the first post header links the reader to a free online copy from a marxist site.