Saturday, October 29, 2011

For Adam Sonderberg

keep the great things alive

We are living in a dark age. And we are not going to see the end of it, nor are our children, nor probably our children's children. And our job, every single one of us, is to cherish whatever in the human heritage we love and to feed it and keep it going and pass it on, because the Dark Age isn't going to go on forever, and when it stops those people are gonna need the pieces we pass on. They're not going to be able to build a new world without us passing on whatever we can - ideas, arts, knowledge, skills, or just plain old fragile love, how we treat people, how we help people: that's something to be passed on...and all of this passing things on, in all its forms, may not cure the world now - curing the world now may not be a human possibility - but it keeps the great things alive. And we have to do this because who are we to decide that it is hopeless?

If you wanted to volunteer for fascinating, dangerous, necessary work, this would be a great job to volunteer for - trying to be a wide-awake human during a Dark Age and keeping alive what you think is beautiful and important.

~ Michael Ventura [with James Hillman, R.I.P.], We've Had 100 Years of Psychotherapy and The World's Getting Worse

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