Wednesday, March 3, 2010

99 Days

The World Cup feels [like the vernal equinox and the first pitch], possible, if not imminent.
It's been a hard winter- I'm looking forward to June 10, South Africa, and the complete destruction of my sleep/wake cycle.


Unknown said...

The World Cup is probably my second favorite sporting event after March Madness, although this one I will be watching with less passion because of the absence of Vatreni (Croatia). But I will be cheering on the USA, hopefully Davies can make a valient comeback from that horrific car accident.

I need to start clearing space on my DVR!

- Darren

Richard Pinnell said...

Darren, I am sorry that England played their part in ensuring Croatia didn't make the trip to South Africa. Sorry if I also add that I hope England send the USA on an early flight home as well given that they are in the same group.

My tip for the cup has to be the Spaniards though, even with 99 days still to go to kick-off.