Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cinema Is The Most Beautiful Fraud In The World

Do yourself a favor, if you want to read some personal, opinionated writing about film- visit my friend Ed Howard's blog, Only The Cinema.

I knew of Ed for several years as a laptop musician performing under the name The Seven Arts, and as the honcho of the experimental music label Fargone Records. Now I know Ed to be a passionate obsessive about film, with an avidity for films from many countries, and for directors of varying sensibilities. I am confident a few visits to his site will provide you with additions to any Must See list you're working off, challenges to your canons of the best and the worst in the medium, and that goofy regard we have for those who have, for the sake of an art and entertainment they love, gone off the deep end.


Brian Olewnick said...

Ed's is by far my favorite film blog around. Amazing writing.

Ed Howard said...

Thanks for the link, Jesse, I appreciate it, as well as your kind words.