Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Absolutely necessary and altogether impossible

New music writing appearing shortly. I have been called to granddaughter-care duty for a while.

I am delighted to read here and there how flummoxed and wind-milled many listeners feel when trying to articulate some sort of response to motubachii, the radical duo release on Erstwhile of Annette Krebs and Taku Unami.

This mind-stoppage, however temporary its hold before we resume concretizing what initially blew our orienteer-shit away, makes it possible for us as listeners to really look at a lot of received and reified notions about what is music, how dependable is our listening acumen, stuff like that.
This occurs too infrequently, at least in an uncontrived and visceral way, and I am growing fairly confident motubachii may be that sort of genuine article.

My thoughts on motubachii will be published in the summer issue of the Paris Transatlantic.

[Post heading from Stanislaw Lem, The Star Diaries]

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