Wednesday, June 30, 2010

tone filth

Three strong solo sets tonight from Naomi Joy [violin], C. Spencer Yeh [violin, vocals], and Justin Meyers [analog synthesizer], at Art of This Gallery in Minneapolis. I was unable to get a photo of Ms. Joy with my humble Kodak.

Art of This Gallery has not renewed their lease, and will vacate the present venue on August 31, 2010. The future for the Tuesday Night Improvisation Series, held on alternate Tuesdays at the gallery for the past two years, is uncertain.

Baltimore-based cellist Audrey Chen will be among the last performers at the current venue, appearing July 20th in her duo with percussionist Luca Marini [KAMAMA].

Justin Meyers

C. Spencer Yeh

My thanks to artists David Peterson and John Marks, the partners who have maintained the gallery since its inception, and the volunteer music curator, Casey Deming. They have made it possible for many musicians, familiar with the hard scrabble of finding venues for their music, to receive hospitality, an attentive audience, and gas money.

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