Sunday, January 23, 2011

happy birthday

The extraordinary Eliane Radigue is 79 on January 24th, sharing a birthday with my mother- Radigue's year was 1932, Mary Goin's 1927.

A year ago I submitted my appreciation of Radigue to JunkMedia, and started crow a few weeks later.

The seeds of my life-long interest in music came from my parents, both guitarists and, for a time, both performing and recording musicians.

When I submitted my piece about Radigue, I aimed [and cajoled the editor] for a January 24th publication, to honor her birthday. It appeared January 28th, the date of my mother's death in 1984. She was 57, as I will be in March.

So happy birthday to these extraordinary women, whose adamantine music is at my core, deathless.

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Unknown said...

This is an amazing tribute, crow.