Wednesday, February 23, 2011

happy birthday, crow

It was one year ago today I posted my first entry on Ikkyu and the intentions behind launching crow. In that time, riding a significant wave of personal changes and the usual vicissitudes, I have managed 40 reviews and profiles of musicians. The reader response, much of it from musicians, has been gratifying. Thank you to each musician and label owner for sharing your music with me. Thank you to each reader. I do this for fun and for free, so your comments help to sustain me.

This year I am going to contribute the small influence of crow to promoting some shows in the Minneapolis area. A significant number of the musicians I would like to see perform here fly over the Midwest; those who visit this area generally hit Chicago and pass on.

I am already looking forward to May and late September performances by musicians highly regarded by readers of crow. If you plan on performing in Minneapolis in 2011, and need assistance setting up a show, feel free to contact me, we can discuss the possibilities.

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