Friday, March 18, 2011

let go of everything which gets in the way

There is a music in which the time-space of sound and the time-space of silence appear in their own particular realms. Even when the sounds are often very soft, the music is not about falling into silence. The sounds are clear, direct and precise.

There are long time spans for the presence of sound, and long time spans for the absence of sound. The two together form the "time present" of the piece.

Silence can also be present in the sounds. In order to have silence in sounds, one must let go of everything which gets in the way of this silence.
This sound is the Dai-sein [being there] of sound. Its presence and charisma make themselves felt in the composition.

Silence requires one decision: sound or no sound.
Sound requires a great many more decisions.
Both stamp time and space, in that they come into appearance, in an existential sense.

Together they comprise the entire complexity of life.

Text excerpts from Jurg Frey, The Architecture of Silence, 1998 [translation: Michael Pisaro]

Photos: Yuko Zama

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