Saturday, December 31, 2011

T e n f o r 2 0 1 2

t e n

~ released in 2011

~ if i received them after dec 1, they're not included here, as i have to live a good while with any music to assess its staying power - this omits, for this list, some really strong releases i have just begun to spend time with; and some just released in dec. that i am anticipating with high hopes, e.g., ew1102 and ew1103/4; and. as i said, i have heard a few post dec. 1 releases sufficiently to say they are glaring omissions e.g., kelley/block, and a real year-end revelation for me, rale/william hutson's some kissed charms that would not protect them, a gem...AND, a few i have heard for many months, but will not see release until 2012 [one will no doubt be on my 2012 list, whatever else may come next year]; this goes to jon abbey's point about the folly of making a list in december].

so in the spirit of folly & ambivalence [in no particular order]:

[1] michael pisaro: asleep, street, pipes, tones/hearing metal 2/hearing metal 3

[2] thomas ankersmit/valerio tricoli: forma II

[3] jason kahn/hong chulki/jin sangtae/choi joonyong/ryu hankil/park seung jun: dotolim

[4] haptic: scilens

[5] jamie drouin/lance austin olsen: savonarola/1498/absence & forgiveness

[6] nathan mclaughlin: echolocation #5

[7] mohammad: spiriti

[8] nicholas szczepanik: please stop loving me

[9] joe panzner: clearing, polluted

[10] keith rowe/radu malfatti: Φ

The come from outta the blue pick is panzner's stunner.

p/s a lot of list-maker's enjoy an also-ran, close-but-no-cigar sort of ancillary list; i'm not going there, but understand the tic - there are some close contenders just outside the boundary of these 10.

p/p/s no need to point to the inclusion of three by the olsen/drouin duo, and by pisaro, i've done the math: it would be a lengthy exchange if i were to clarify how i hear all of pisaro's works of the past several years as one, whatever distinctions between them obtain. the case for the multiple inclusions with drouin/olsen is even more literally true.

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