Friday, May 4, 2012

Sorry for the absence of new writing lately; I am presently working on a commission for another site, and will be posting a few new pieces here fairly soon.

As far as feature-length pieces about new releases goes, I am continuing to think about whether I want to maintain that sort of writing much longer; since launching crow in 2010 I have posted 94 such pieces, averaging 900 words each. Stopping at 100 owns a certain appeal. Perhaps at that point I would accept submissions, writing reviews as I am so moved, while focusing on other sorts of projects. The indefatigable Brian Olewnick and Richard Pinnell pretty much cover the same areas I do here, showing no signs of stopping soon.

If anyone wishes, they can give me feedback about this, and, of course, any other ideas / feelings about crow's content; these sorts of blogs generate very little conversation, either via the comment function here, or privately, from readers. That is not to say the musicians and label owners who have submitted their work have not been forthcoming in their comments - they have, and for that I am grateful

If anyone were to write me to point out there is really, after all, little to say at this point about this music, I will readily agree.

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