Wednesday, October 27, 2010

each time the wave breaks

Driven to distraction and passing thoughts of annihilation today, not my general state. At first, every thing I see is a problem. Every person I see is an asshole. Every thought I have is tediously, oppressively about me.

Then, medicine comes in this container:
Each time the wave breaks
The crow
Gives a little jump.

~ Nissha

Another dose in this Latin maxim:
In corruptio optima pessima.
[In corruption, the best becomes the worst].

In one day, everything, from a certain perspective, is certainly shit- and from another perspective, everything is medicine. These are not far apart [much less contradictory or mutually exclusive]-they are mind.

One more- this one Shiki's apt description of my mind:
sweet juice drips from the knife blade.

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