Friday, August 19, 2011

not one word

clouds very high - look,
not one word helped them get up there

~ ikkyu, crow with no mouth

August writing is slower than usual - the show on August 6 captured much of my energy for a couple of weeks. I have a house guest this week, and a trip planned for next week. I am trying to return to finding some words for what I am listening to.

I'm thinking the first part of September for new postings; if so moved, sooner. September 17 brings three great musicians to Minneapolis for the third in the 2011 concert series.

Thanks to each of you for returning to crow; behind the cyber-wall of silence and darkness, I see the map of the world provided by the site tracker. Readers from every direction visit and revisit crow daily. I hope I can make that worth your while soon enough.

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