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for the blog
Since February 2010, I have published over 100 feature-length pieces about musicians and releases categorized loosely under the place-holder name electro-acoustic improvisation. The blog enjoys a readership in many countries; quite often the musicians and labels featured republish the pieces on their respective sites.

      for other publications

My writing has appeared in The Wire, Paris Transatlantic, Dusted, Junk Media, Compost & Height, Wolf Notes and One Final Note.

liner notes 
I have contributed liner notes to labels such as Ilse, Mississippi Records, and Clean Feed.

I have received acknowledgements from artists and producers on various labels, among them, Triple Bath, Erstwhile, Nada, Cathnor, Unfathomless, Constellation Tatsu and Clean Feed.

the crow with no mouth concert series

Founded an all-volunteer arts organization, crow with no mouth promotions, in 2011, and currently manage all operations

Have planned and coordinated a multi-year concert series - to date, we've presented 25 concerts, comprising 76 musicians from seven countries and over 35 cities.

Conducted marketing and outreach efforts for the concert series, with an extensive on-line network using social media, blogs, podcasts, and other tools.

Secured grants and individual donations for my community-based concert series, including a Community Arts grant from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council for both our 2013 and 2014 seasons,  a successful Indiegogo campaign, and donations and gifts-in-kind from individuals.

The crow concert series has presented many Minnesota debuts, as well as pairing visiting performers with numerous local musicians.
     The concert series has enjoyed several very special high points, including a two-day/three-concert festival of Wandelweiser music, presenting nine world premieres by nine composers associated with the Wandelweiser collective; and the Minnesota debut, following 47 years of continual innovation in experimental music, of Keith Rowe.

To date, two CDs have been released from the concert series: Coppice’s Compound Form (Triple Bathe Records, Greece), recorded in performance at Studio Z as part of the 2012 crow concert series, and Nathan McLaughlin’s Ridin’ The Bronc (Nada Records, USA), recorded in performance at Studio Z as part of the 2011 series.

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