archived reviews 2010 - 2014


Birgit Ulher ~ Radio Silence No More

An appreciation of composer Eliane Radigue

Rowe/Ambarchi/Fennesz/Pimmon/Rehberg ~ Afternoon Tea

Stephen Cornford/Samuel Rodgers ~ Turned Moment, weighting

Michael Pisaro/Barry Chabala ~ Black, white, red, green, blue

Nick Hennies ~ Lineal

Nicholas Szczepanik ~ The Chiasmus

An Appreciation of Vanessa Rossetto

Michael Pisaro ~ July Mountain

Jason Kahn ~ Vanishing Point

Anthony Guerra and Black Petal 

Rafael Toral's Space Program 

Ferran Fages

Michael Pisaro ~ a wave and waves 

Ernst Karel ~ Heard Laboratories 

Jon Mueller 

John Russell 

Jason Kahn/Jon Mueller ~ Phase 

Ralf Wehowsky/Tomas Korber ~ Walkurnen Am Dornenbaum 

Annette Krebs/Taku Unami ~ motubachii

Graham Lambkin/Moniek Darge

Asher Thal-Nir/Christopher McFall 

Andrew Lafkas/Michael T. Bullock 

Various Artists ~ 2009 

Fages Interview 



Will Guthrie/Clayton Thomas/Jean-Luc Guionnet

Thomas Ankersmit


Mathieu Ruhlmann 

Mike Shiflet 

Stasis Duo 


Lucio Capece 

sound off the page

2010 round up 

2010 round up redux 


Vanessa Rossetto 


Jon Mueller

Michael Pisaro/Taku Sugimoto ~ a Wire piece 

Samuel Rodgers/Stephen Cornford 


Eric La Casa 

Robin Hayward/Ferran Fages/Nikos Veliotis~ a Wire piece

Bertrand Denzler

Noises Off [korber/prins, dotolim, diatribes with moimeme] 

jeph jerman 

Pedro Chambel 

Miguel Prado 

Mathieu Ruhlmann & Banks Bailey 

Dimitra Lazaridou Chatzigoga 

through erstwhile ~ writings about the catalog 

Jamie Drouin & Lance Austin Olsen 

Joe Panzner 

Mohammad/Veliotis & Filip 

Bruno Duplant

gather 1 

gather 2

gather 3 / pure and stripped


ben owen 


the sounding of the world 

everything is jazz except the music [liner notes for davu seru / rafael toral, live minneapolis] 

the ruckus out of seoul

all i do is bring things into evidence [an essay on george brecht's water yam project, commissioned by compost & height]

burkhard stangl

ferran fages 

the anonymous zone 

antoine beuger (barry chabala/ben owen/dominic lash) 

christian wolff/keith rowe 

keith rowe 

frank rosaly/will guthrie 

lucio capece 


will montgomery / robert curgenven 

eva-maria houben/prayer (joe houpert) 

vanessa rossetto

fergus kelly  

pisaro / rossetto 

notable releases of 2013 


eliane radigue documentary (d: anais prosaic)

tim olive / alfredo costa monterio / katsura mouri 

mathieu ruhlmann 

eva-maria houben 

donato wharton 

lance austin olsen's footprints  (commissioned by jamie drouin)

laurence crane  (commissioned by simon reynell for another timbre)
ciuta / duplant

wandelweiser & crow  (re:the cwnm wandelweiser festival, september 27-28, 2014)