crow with no mouth 2011 concert series

May 7, 2011  Michael Pisaro/Greg Stuart   A transparent gate [with six panels]

August 6, 2011  Fraufraulein [Billy Gomberg/Anne Guthrie], Nathan McLaughlin

Studio Z

Graphic guide for echolocation music, with Bill Dixon reference

Nathan McLaughlin's gear for echolocation music

Billy Gomberg's gear/Fraufraulein

Anne Guthrie's battle-scarred French horn/Fraufraulein

September 17, 2011  Jason Zeh/Jason Kahn/Mike Shiflet

set 1  jason zeh

set 2  jason kahn 


set 3  mike shiflet




[l to r ]  crow/shiflet/zeh/kahn

October 23, 2011   Haptic [Adam Sonderberg/Steven Hess/Joseph Clayton Mills] present a new Michael Pisaro composition, concentric rings in magnetic levitation, for sine tones, radio, piano and percussion 



                 adam sonderberg

joseph clayton mills

 steven hess 


concentric rings in magnetic levitation [2010/2011]

[c. michael pisaro]

october 23, 2011
studio z
st.paul, minnesota

crow with no mouth promotions was founded in 2011 to bring seldom-heard, vital music to Twin Cities audiences.