the flow of things

A few words on what one can expect with submissions for review here: 
  • I do not write negative reviews. This corner of the world is for works to shine.
  • I write slowly and, generally, at length. I do not write, with few exceptions, on deadline.
  • I have come to regard this last point as a positive in a couple of ways: given the surfeit of stuff released, which has accelerated even since I launched cwnm three years ago, many fine works are lost in the deluge - they are reviewed on 2-3 other fine blogs, then quickly forgotten. It seems to me now, three years into this, that my pieces may serve the artist and the label by redrawing attention to something temporarily lost. If this is so, I am pleased. If a submitted work goes out-of-print prior to my writing about it, it scarcely needed my assistance in doing so.
    In short, if you wish to have your work lived with a good while, written about at length, with no concern for its appearing soon after release, please do contact me with any possible submissions.

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