Monday, March 1, 2010

Some things are ineffable, no good word serves to convey what you want to say. I have many names for my wife, with whom I will observe a seven year wedding anniversary this month, eight years of partnership in April. Confrere conveys the ground we try to relate to each other on. There are, of course, pet names too cringe-worthy to publicize, as well as the occasional, instantly regretted epithets. And you all know this territory, both the treacle and the terrible, so relax.

Her Tibetan name, Konchog, can be translated as jewel, an auspicious dharma word, a fair enough name for my best friend. Like Ikkyu, writing about his young consort, I scarcely understand this beautiful woman traveling so many years with me.


derek said...

Felicidades to you both! Sly and I marked 7 years in November & are now 4 months on in the matrimony column.

Congrats too on your site launch- looks great!

jesse said...

Derek, thanks, good to hear from you.
You're blogging? I will swing by.

William said...

Congratulations, Jesse.